We have provided a library of videos from our Youtube Channel below. All videos are filmed in spanish. Feel free to use YouTube's captions for translation.

How to fill out a 1099-C

How to fill out a 1099R

Electric vehicle credits

How to fill out a 1099-K

6 ways to pay the IRS

Child tax credit info

Driver's license instructions for undocumented citizens

How to fill out a W-4 form

What is ITIN?


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What languages do you speak?

We speak Spanish and English.

Can I file my personal taxes at your office?

Yes. We offer personal tax preparation at our office. Simply make an appointment.

Are you certified by the IRS?

Yes. We are certified by the IRS, which helps us to remain thorough and gets you the best services available to you.

Do you have a client portal where I can access and submit documents?

Yes. We have a safe and secure, encrypted client portal.

Can I drop off my electronics for you to fix?

Yes. We always recommend making an appointment first because it answers a few questions before you come in and expedites the process. Drop-ins are also welcome.

Do you offer consultations?

Yes. Make an appointment with us or drop in and we can discuss the best path toward your needs.

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